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Traditionally airbrushing has been the paint brush for an elite group – bikers, muscle cars owners, right?

Alan transcends old school with new. Airbrushing is now FINE ART. Gallery-worthy fine art presentable in any high end gallery in Manhattan or elsewhere…


Check out the level of portraiture as customer Dantel picks up his Suzuki after Pastrana blesses it with custom murals and a duality theme with multiple portraits of different takes of the gemini duality concept.

Progress Gallery

Enjoy this clip of the WWII bike parts after final clear was applied in preparation for delivery.

Progress Gallery

These are sketches I do from life, it’s how I stay loose and fresh, plus I enjoy them. Folks always ask how do I create exceptional portraiture or good anatomy on figures that I airbrush? Well this is how! I love to practice from life and I sketch a lot. It has always been a past time of mine and it always improves my studio work.

Progress Gallery

Pastrana Unlimited workshops gives you the hands on experience of acquiring new airbrushing art skills or honing and sharpening your current ones. Sign up for private classes and check out these newbies who never touch an airbrush before taking a Pastrana Airbrush Class.

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